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Summer vibes

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hello my darlings,

I am writing to you from our holiday cottage by the coast on what is about to be day 1!

I seem to often be in my inner autumn / winter when I'm away and I am here for it! Old me would have been fed up about bleeding on holiday, but actually I love how it supports me to slow down and really sink into this restorative phase of my cycle. A bit like a big bleed.

A big bleed, is not what it sounds, it's not about bleeding loads! It's a concept created by Red School to mean giving yourself as much of the space and time and self care that you can at menstruation to really be able to rest, to refuel, to release, to rejuvenate and reconnect to yourself and your inner wisdom.

Have you ever had a big bleed? Or a mini one? What would it look like if you could just do exactly what you want during your bleed and how would that feel? Can you plan to gift this to yourself next bleed? Or even just 10% more?

It feels a real treat to be able to switch off during my bleed in outer summer, and potent, as what we do at the two poles of the menstrual cycle, summer (ovulation) and winter (menstruation) inform how the rest of the cycle plays out. Often one influencing the other. For example, if we are able to rest as much as we can at menstruation, our ovulatory phase is likely to feel smoother and vice versa, pretty cool huh?

Lots of clients I have been talking to recently aren't having the archetypal Beyoncé inner summers they would like and we always reflect back on inner winter to try and work out what's happening.

I am so ready for this break after a busy and exciting few months at womb wisdom and really hoping for some seaside soulfood, some reading and general slowing down this inner winter / outer summer.

With that in mind I wanted to share my two winter and summer playlists to hopefully inspire some joy / restfulness this outer summer. We need both!

I also wanted to update you on what's been happening at Womb Wisdom HQ recently; I've been cycle coaching some wonderful clients who are reclaiming their cycles which is a joy to watch. More info here 👇🏻

I've moved into my very own Womb Room and now have my own space to work from and see local clients face to face which I am beyond thrilled about.

I have also shared a new offering - 1:1 cyclical supervision - space for space holders which pulls all my professional training and experience over the last two decades together to support people who support others.

And I've had the honour of holding another private menarche ceremony for a mother and her daughter to welcome her into her next phase and start to heal the red thread.

I hope you are all well and having lovely summers : winters wherever you are from.

I would love to know what you have been up to?

Thanks for the space in your box!

And I have a favour, if you have had coaching from me and would like to send me a testimonial I would be super grateful, it really helps others know what working with me is really like.

And if you have not used any of my offerings please do check out my website and share this with anyone who you think might be interested.

Sending so much love, Hannah 😊

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