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Period positive workshops for schools 

As a certified menstrual cycle coach, qualified children's social worker (DBS) and trainer/consultant, I am well placed to offer workshops to children and young people. I bring two decades of experience of working with children and families and with it confidence about sharing difficult information with children and supporting practitioners to do so. I am really passionate about ensuring children and young people have access to good quality menstrual education at the right age and believe this is a fundamental a human right. 


What I do

I provide workshops for children and staff in line with the new curriculum focussing on menstrual well-being. This includes: hormones, anatomy, signs your periods are due to start, what to expect and exploration of period products. 

How I do it

Offer 1 hour in person workshops for year 5 & 6 children, inclusive of preparation, consultation, resources and travel within Monmouthshire.

I offer in person or online workshops for staff/parents, tailored to meet your needs and which focus on how to share menstrual education in a fun and informative way, whilst reducing shame and stigma.


100% of the children rated the sessions 9 or 10 out of 10. They all liked the opportunity to explore period products the most.

"Feel far more prepared now for when you do start periods", "Hannah made us feel very comfortable" (children) 

"A very successful activity which allowed all learners to develop good knowledge of the menstrual cycle and how their bodies will change" (staff).

Please click here to book a workshop or arrange a free no obligation virtual chat about how I can support your school or email me here with any enquiries. 

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