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Professional training / consultancy

As an experienced trainer / consultant I offer online and face to face facilitation and consultancy, which utilises robust analytical and critical thinking and the latest research to support best practice. I bring the practice experience from two decades of working with diverse individuals within social care into the learning opportunities that we co-create. 

Together we can create unique learning opportunities tailored to be needs led and outcome focussed. Having facilitated both small intimate groups and larger more formal groups, I am able to be flexible in meeting a range of learning styles and individual needs. I am able to draw on my practice and research knowledge as a Children's Social Worker and also as a certified Menstrual Cycle Coach, please contact me to discuss your current learning / consultancy needs. 

My specialisms are 

  • life journey work for children looked after 

  • nervous system regulation - polyvagal theory 

  • period and puberty preparation 

  • practitioner well-being with a focus on menstruality 

Previous clients 

  • Welsh Government commissions 

  • Local Authority Social Work teams - Childcare, Fostering & Adoption

  • Local Authority Education department - Monmouthshire 

  • St David's children's society - Voluntary Adoption Agency 

  • Private nutritionist - Melanie Atkinson 

  • Private embodiment teacher - Sarah Jones 

To make an enquiry about training or consultancy please email me or book a free, no obligation virtual coffee and chat here

"Hannah was incredibly knowledgeable and therapeutic in her approach."

"First online zoom course where we all felt connected."

"I loved the fact that the course evolved and was made relevant to what people wanted to learn."

"I loved how interactive the course was and how approachable Hannah was."

"Fantastic.  One of the best training courses I have been on - Hannah is brilliant."

"Good balance of presentation and small group work - trainer had a lovely engaging and calm approach." 

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