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Are you.....

- feeling ruled by your monthly ebbs and flows and want more balance?
- living your life in two halves - feeling normal for half your cycle, rubbish for the other half and repeat?
- aware that there is more to your cycle than just your monthly bleed? 

If you answered YES, I can help.

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Menstrual cycle coach / cyclical supervisor / social worker / facilitator 


I have had various types of therapies over the years, but it wasn't until I discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness and took a deep dive into my own cycle that things really started to change.

I have 20 years experience of working with people to support change in their lives and really want to support you make changes you want in your life, using the menstrual cycle as an anchor. 

I work with; 

- women who want to reconnect with their cyclicality;

- practitioners who want professional supervision that focusses on their cyclicality; 

- children and young people who want to feel prepared for starting their periods

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  • Certified Cycle Coach - 2022 

  • MSc in Social Work - 2010

  • Practice educator award - 2015

  • Diploma Indian Head Massage - 2004  

  • BA(hons) Sociology 2003 

Relevant recent training 

  • Polyvagal theory - Polyvagal institute - 2023 

  • Cycle sorcery - Charlotte Pointeux - 2022 

  • Her Way - womens business course - Vienda Maria 2022

  • Group coaching programme - Mars Lord - 2021

  • + 30 hours per year to maintain social work registration 

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