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A cyclical approach to supervision

What I bring

  • As a qualified social worker (MSc) and practice educator, I have the expertise and experience to provide reflective supervision. 

  • I bring a cyclical approach to supervision as a certified menstrual cycle coach.

  • 20 years of hands-on experience working with diverse individuals.

  • Experience of providing individual and group supervision. 

  • Experience as a consultant facilitating learning opportunities for practitioners to support best practice. 

Why you might need it

  • To help you offer the best service to your people.

  • To prevent burn out.

  • To help you process and reflect on complex issues.

  • To consider how your cycle affects your work and vice versa. 

  • To explore your personal and professional boundaries.

  • To review where you are at and where you might want to be.

What you will get

  • A highly confidential, judgement free zone.

  • A safe space to reflect and grow.

  • Someone in your corner to act as a professional sounding board.

  • Support with analysis and critical thinking.

  • Self care exploration through a cyclical lens.

How it works

  • I offer 1:1 sessions remotely via zoom, or in person (Abergavenny, South Wales).

  • You can book a free, no obligation virtual coffee and chat to see if this is right for you here.

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