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Menstrual cycle awareness as a Lifebuoy!

Updated: Feb 28

Hello my darlings! I wrote my last blog post in November, in the depths of winter, and am happy to be coming to you now from the start of Spring in the UK. I feel like I am slowly emerging, like the bulbs in my garden i've spied recently, having been doing a lot of work under the surface, just like said bulbs!

I really hope this finds you all well, and that you had the chance to rest over the winter, like we are built to do!

Our winter was pretty intense to be honest, like many others we were struck down, one at a time, with bug after bug after bug! It felt pretty relentless and like being stuck in a storm, wave after wave of illness. Coming up for air, to be taken down again by something else. The worst of which was when Miss 10 and I spent the day in children's A&E after she coughed up blood. Really scary, and pretty horrifying seeing the numbers of parents and sick children lined up in corridors.

The pockets of time that were available for self care over the Christmas holidays were few and far between, with one child being off school before the holidays started! One of my shadows, which I am tending to, is resentment when I feel that I am 'over' caring. That feeling of frustration and resentment that can build up when you know what it is you need, but can't seem to get it, as you have to prioritise others needs, you know that one?! Around Christmas I felt totally disconnected from myself, my MCA practice and actually felt quite apathetic. I was so tuned out from social media and my business I found myself questioning whether I should be doing this work, for the first time since I delved into this work which was pretty disorientating.

I sat with this feeling for a bit and felt a bit of sadness at feeling lost, but deep down I knew that I would be ok, and that I would find my way back to myself and my mission again, and that the way out of the storm and the relentless waves was with my lifebuoy - menstrual cycle awareness. The old me, the pre-menstrual cycle aware me, would have treaded water for longer, flapped about occasionally shouting about feeling I was drowning, probably blaming myself for not having learnt the right skills, not trying hard enough to swim or blaming others for not throwing me a lifebuoy.

But that response has changed, the new me; menstrual cycle aware me, has her own lifebuoy and she knows how to use it!! It is so reassuring and really gives me a feeling of safety to know that I have a tried and tested method of staying afloat. A way to reconnect with myself.

How menstrual cycle awareness acts as a lifebuoy for me:

  • it reminds me that everything is cyclical, that it won't be shit forever!

  • it gives me more self compassion and grace as I know why I don't feel and therefore behave the same everyday

  • it improves my relationships with others as they understand my ebbs and flows

  • it helps me understand my own cyclic needs, what I need more or less of in different phases

  • it helps me be IN my body, as I tune into myself each day to track my cycle

  • it helps me have a better relationship with my inner critic who I can challenge more easily

  • it gives me a deeper connection to my inner power and my intuition

  • it has given me a fiercer self care practice


I have two spaces for cycle coaching coming up in April if you would like to find your own lifebuoy. Please check my website or DM me for details.

I have limited edition soya wax and pure essential oil hand poured candles for sale for each phase of the menstrual cycle via website

I am running an in person period preparation workshop for children (aged 9-12) and their grown up in April in South Wales. Please share with anyone who may find this useful.

I would be really grateful if you would share this email with anyone who you think may be interested. Let's spread the word and start talking more about how -

everything affects the menstrual cycle and the menstrual cycle affects everything (Maisie Hill).

with Love. xxxx

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