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Menstrual Cycle Coaching

1:1 menstrual cycle coaching session - 90mins - £145. A one off deep dive into an area of your cycle that you find most difficult. Includes a free follow up call to see how you are getting on. Click here to book a session.

Coaching packages available, fortnightly sessions. Includes weekly check in and follow up emails. A deep exploration of the 4 phases of your cycle to support you to Remember, to Reconnect and to Reclaim your cycle and with it a new relationship with yourself.  

3 month package - £500

(billed monthly - 3 x payments of £166 or 6 x payments of £83). 

6 month package - £1000

(billed monthly - 6 x payments of £166 or 9 x payments of £111). 

Please click here to book a virtual chat and cuppa to see if we are the right fit.

Flexible options available and bursary places offered. Email me for details. 





1:1 supervision - a cyclical approach to supervision for space holders.

A formal, professional space to discuss casework and other work issues in a structured way to support you to reflect and grow.

You will get: - a highly confidential, judgement free zone - a safe space to reflect and grow - someone in your corner to act as a professional sounding board - support with analysis and critical thinking - self care exploration through a cyclical lens. 

1 hour sessions - £95 (minimum monthly). 

Please click here to book a virtual chat and cuppa to see if we are the right fit.






School workshops

I am available for school sessions to teach children about the menstrual cycle. I offer single sex and mixed workshops. We cover anatomy and physiology, how to know when your period is going to start, what to expect and how to use menstrual products.

£125 per 1 hour workshop (includes preparation, travel time, resources and mileage within 20 miles of Abergavenny). Please email me for further information about booking a session. 

Private menarche ceremony

I also offer private Menarche (first bleed) ceremonies for parents and their children. These can be tailored to meet children's needs and will include some teaching as-well as space holding for both parent and child as they both navigate this big transition. Please email me to discuss your needs.

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