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 Private menarche ceremonies 

I offer private menarche (first bleed) ceremonies for parents and their children. These can be tailored to meet children's needs and will include some teaching as-well as space holding for both parent and child as they both navigate this big transition. 

These are usually held in the comfort of your own home, so I travel to you and bring all the resources. These workshops are suitable for children approaching their first bleed and those who have recently started bleeding.


While I spend some time sharing and exploring period products with your child, you, the parent, are invited to spend some time alone reflecting on your own experience menarche, using journal prompts and a meditation that I provide. 

We then come back together and I hold space for a blessing, to ceremonialise this rite of passage. These ceremonies are as individual as your child and can be co-created to be a unique and bonding celebration. 

Please get in touch via email or book a free no obligation virtual coffee and chat to explore your needs here. 

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