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The chat womb welcomes Kez

Hello Kez and a very warm womb felt welcome to you. I am so pleased to have you here. 

This is a virtual space where we can chat about all the Womb things and share where we are in our womb story. 

I would love to start by asking where you are in the many cycles we are constantly moving within? (E.g menstrual, life, moon, 24 hour!).

I am currently in the follicular phase, day 9 to be exact. Feeling focused and ready for the cycle ahead which will be full of new experiences. I can feel some irritable energy in the background so I’m making sure I don’t overwhelm myself with to-do lists and too many expectations. I feel the ease of learning new things, which is perfect timing as I’ve just started offering Holistic Facials - it’s going very smoothly. Nowt better than starting something new right after my bleed :D 

I know language is powerful and that the words we use to describe female anatomy can be loaded. I would love to ask you how you feel about the word womb?

This is the word I use. I like the word, it has a soft and also powerful feeling to it. It’s very feminine. I love how it fits perfectly with the word Women - like it’s meant to be! <3 

Can I invite you to describe your current relationship with your womb?

I am being called to connect deeper, this looks like Yoni Steaming and taking the time to be consciously present with my womb and her messages. This past cycle I had some menstrual pain 12 hours into my bleed, not major, but more than normal, I know there’s more to this so will feel into it when I carve out some Yoni Steam time. I’m so grateful for how she facilitates my death and rebirth every cycle - I feel so blessed to have this experience as a Woman. 

I am really interested to know if your relationship with your womb has changed? And if so how?

I used to have no connection to my womb and my period. This could be linked back to my Menarche - as that was a non-event, I don't remember it and don’t think there was much drama around it. There’s a huge part of my life where I can’t remember my menstrual experiences, I feel like it’s all connected. Overall this comes from being disconnected from my body for a very very long time. Now it’s the complete opposite and I am in awe of everything about her. 

As a certified menstrual cycle coach how do you share womb wisdom with your clients?

I support women to get into their bodies and out of their heads, using a combination of nervous system awareness and menstrual cycle awareness. I’ve recently started to offer Holistic Facials so I can aid the relaxation process for women, whilst using lovely nourishing toxic-free products. 
I am currently undertaking training to facilitate ‘Movement is Medicine’ classes which incorporate neuroscience, dance, music, and nervous system regulation to release stress, tension and emotion by connecting to the body and rhythm. I am so hyped to share this as I know how magic it is!
I love to share womb wisdom imperfectly. So much pressure is put on women to have it all under control and like clockwork. This is not achievable or sustainable, we are not robots, and therefore perfection is a detrimental message that goes against our true nature. I love to encourage small steps that serve the body and mind, rather than cycle synching to an inch of the life - been there done that, and I don’t believe it works long term. 

I would also love to ask you how learning about the nervous system shaped you and what you are offering? 

I’ve realised that everything comes down to the nervous system. It’s all good for me to share how important rest is but if that doesn’t feel accessible to you, either consciously or subconsciously,  then it can be detrimental and create feelings of shame. I have known for so long how important nervous system awareness is, however, once I started to create my own awareness and once I started to embody it the pieces started to fall into place, within my life, relationships and my business. Ongoing patterns became apparent and now I have so much more self-awareness and understanding of why I do (and have done) many things. My transition through life and from phase to phase became easier with more language around it. This is what I hope to share with my clients. 

It would be wonderful if you could share your top three tips for menstruators to reconnect with their womb wisdom? 

1 - Reconnect with your body on a deeper level. Take some time to feel and hear what your body is saying to you. When we’re asked how we are it’s common to reply with surface-level good or bad. Can you check in with how you’re really feeling? Where is there tension in your body, head, face, hands? Are you clenching your teeth and jaw?  Where on your body does it feel open and light? Can you name the sensations in your body? Our bodies hold so many messages, it takes practice to reconnect and tune in to what is being shared - it’s totally possible. Once you connect with your body on this baseline level it’s much easier to reconnect with your deeper felt Womb Wisdom. Once you’ve started to reconnect ask yourself what would feel nice in the movement. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, even just a few long deep breaths can do wonders for the system. 

2 - REST! 
This is so vital to everything I share as a menstrual cycle coach. This is one way that you can create space to hear the messages and wisdom of what your body and womb are saying to you. Rest can feel out of reach but just gifting yourself a few minutes each day to breathe away from the stimuli of outside messaging (phones, books, tvs, radios, podcasts, people etc…) can help to recalibrate the self, thus making reconnection with the body and womb easier. 

3 - Ask for help. 
This could be from family, friends or even an outside person like a cleaner or PA. I have a private home cleaning business and my clients are 99% women. They ask for my help feeling frazzled and overwhelmed whilst doing too much for everyone but themselves. They have deep shame for asking for help, usually passed down from the generations before them. They feel the need to justify why they’re asking for help - like asking for help is bad. Back in the day we would live in communities and we’d support each other. Now we live as separate entities and we’re “lucky” if the fella mucks in (this doesn't apply to everyone ofc) we’re shamed away from asking for help - which is why so many women are feeling the effects of doing it all at home, whilst doing it all at work. We’re keeping the family home straight, feeding the whole house, doing the food shopping, walking the dog, working, trying to keep fit, having a social life ETC…is it any wonder women are more likely to have chronic fatigue and other immune-based illnesses? If you can pass energy drains on, please do. There’s someone out there who can help to lighten the load. 

Thank you so much for being here in the chat womb with me. ♥️ I really appreciate your time and energy. 

Before you go, please let readers know how they can get in touch with you. 

Instagram - @embodiedfemmeuk



CEO @ Womb Wisdom 

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