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My word for the year is 'birth'!

Hello my darlings,

I have been planning on writing this email to you for months but between December and April everyone in my family was ill and I am only just coming up for air! One of the best things about self employment so far is that I make my own deadlines, this is also one of the worst as things sit on my to do list for months as I have no boss or external pressure to complete them!

I feel called to write as we near the middle of the year, the high point in terms of the length of the day, the time that is associated with ovulation and birthing to reflect on the first half (nearly) of my first year of self employment.

Gosh, what a ride! I have had some amazing opportunities - facilitating menstrual education workshops for 60 kids, twice, was defo up there! Alongside having the privilege of working with lovely cycle coaching and supervision clients, this work really lights me up. But like all new things it has been tough too. Lots of proposals that have been ignored, lots of mindset work about claiming my space at the table. Lots of frustration at not having enough time, lots of unpicking beliefs about productivity and trying to walk my talk and live life cyclically in a linear world! Phew!

I have been birthing a new version of myself this year. I feel like the previous 18 months or so I was gestating this business baby and only when I left my job in December did the business really get birthed! There have been many times in these last few months where I have felt similar to how I felt after birthing my first baby (12 years ago this weekend!)

  • Extreme highs and lows!

  • Learning to be ok with not knowing what you are doing!

  • Regularly feeling like you are winging it!

  • Feeling like you are doing it alone!

  • Being consumed with your baby (real or Biz baby)!

  • Thinking about it all the time!

  • Aware that people think you are thriving when sometimes you are just surviving!

  • Being reliant on a few close people who you share ALL the details with.

  • Having moments when you feel like you are nailing it and are just listening to your intuition.

  • And moments when you have no idea at all about what to do next or how to take the next step.

  • Immensely proud of the little developmental leaps your baby (real or biz baby) makes, even if no one else is!!

  • So pleased when people say nice things about your baby (real or Biz baby).

  • Re-defined by your relationship with your baby (real of Biz baby).

  • Find it hard to imagine life before baby (real or Biz baby!).

  • Excited by the freedom of being able to do it all your way!

  • Overwhelmed with the choices - often have choice paralysis!

  • Want all the shiny new stuff but have to manage with bare minimum!

I could go on but you get my gist!

I am very aware that while I have been working with people to support change in their lives for over 20 years, this business stuff still feels quite new to me! And like new parents, I am learning lot, fast!!


I wanted to tell you about some new offerings I have birthed this year

I also wrote a piece for the Chalice Foundation on menstrual story work. You can read that here. And you can learn more about menstrual story work which forms the foundation of the coaching I offer in this post.

In other exciting new I am offering discounted rates to cycle coach students wishing to certify (1/3rd off) and also to certified cycle coaches for supervision (20% off). Please do reach out for a free no obligation chat and cuppa here.

Until then, wishing you a wonderful new moon, what are you letting go of today and what are you calling in more of? I would love to hear.

Love Hannah, your friendly cycleologist and CEO at Womb Wisdom. xxx

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