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Thank you so much Han. I appreciate you holding me so so much. It was massive actually you rocked my world with your reflection and I’m so glad you did. It’s like you could catch the balloon string blowing in the storm that I couldn’t find, and it’s like you’ve tethered that ballon down for me.

I was really lost for the significance of what happened and you’ve totally given it meaning, and on such a deep true layer too. Fucking hell! Thank you so much. Wouldn’t have got there without you. Jesus.

You are amazing.

Hannah really helped me drop into my body & connect my heart to my womb. I felt very heard and supported in Hannah's presence. She asked great questions that really helped me drop in and hear what I needed to reconnect with my intuition. 



I had a lovely session with Hannah where I felt heard and understood. It was very insightful, I came away with practical tips and resources to utilise in the phases of my cycle that normally just pass me by.

I would definitely recommend a session with Hannah if you’re looking to reconnect with your cycle. She is very empathetic and knows a lot about the different aspects of the four phases.

It was such a fun call, thank you Hannah 💜



The sessions were excellent. Hannah helped me become aware that I am out of touch with my body for half of my cycle (spring and summer).

I received charting tools, resources and self care strategies for each season.


What did you gain from our time together?


This is hard to narrow down as there are so many things I gained and they still filtering through.


One of the things that was really significant was learning that transition points between seasons are more challenging for me than the actual season. Knowing this now I can either prepare for that or not feel so alarmed when it happened.

What I’ve learnt has had a massive positive impact on the number of migraines I get. I can’t put into words how amazing that’s been.


Having someone who is empathetic, non-judgmental and passionate to act as a mirror with informed guidance and knowledge has been amazing.



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