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Thank you so much Han. I appreciate you holding me so so much. It was massive actually you rocked my world with your reflection and I’m so glad you did. It’s like you could catch the balloon string blowing in the storm that I couldn’t find, and it’s like you’ve tethered that ballon down for me.

I was really lost for the significance of what happened and you’ve totally given it meaning, and on such a deep true layer too. Fucking hell! Thank you so much. Wouldn’t have got there without you. Jesus.

You are amazing.



I wanted to say I am SO SO grateful and appreciative of your time, compassion and understanding. 
It was so validating talking to you, you are so informed and have such insight! I can see how you are someone who teaches the craft of social work 😊.
I gained so much insight into my monthly rhythms and how to trust my body. I now know how to best care for myself in each phase of my cycle and I don't have to wonder what my body needs, I know.
Before working together I was so out of sync with myself and felt like I had no other choice but to be on hormonal birth control. Now, I have so much knowledge and wisdom that I truly believe ALL women should know! It's life changing!


I really loved the whole experience. I felt very seen and supported through our whole time together.
The coaching sessions provided a clearer insight into my menstrual cycle and its relationship with my physical and mental being. Now more with a greater depth of knowledge, I am able to apply how I achieve optimum potential in regards to my physicality and mental resilience. The collective coaching sessions have enabled me to embrace my cycle and its symptoms rather than my previous approach which was dread.
I’ve reached out to Hannah for formal supervision for her expertise on the developmental impact of trauma on children. 
I trust her implicitly. She is authentic, compassionate and wise and I appreciate her entirely.
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